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Through its medically patented and doctor-endorsed classes, The Hall Method empowers dancers, at all levels, to become physically strong, flexible, and resilient athletes. The Hall Method prepares dancers to meet the demands of their training, career, and artistic expression with confidence and free of injury.


The Hall Method is a unique muscle conditioning program integrating classical ballet and pilates reformer exercises into technique class utilizing therabands, foam rollers, and balls. The Hall Method supports aspiring and professional dancers so they stay strong, injury free, and are ready for the demands of any style of dance. 

Proprioceptive training is based on the concept that improved neuromuscular function is developed through controlled stimulation of the muscular system that requires the muscles to adapt. Athletes, rehabilitation, and conditioning professionals have used proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation [PNF] for years. 


A therabarre class follows the format of a classical ballet barre, but exercises are executed with both legs attached to either end of a theraband, the center of which is anchored on a barre behind the student to add resistance and allow for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation [PNF]. This allows the dancer to retain total control of the speed and manner in which the muscles are stimulated.


Foam Roller Barre is reminiscent of a ballet class. Barre exercises are executed while standing on top of a foam roller in a variety of different orientations, and then utilizing them during unique center exercises for core stability, balance, and strength.


Ball Barre begins at the ballet barre but evolves quickly to exercises on the floor in the center, and where the ball is rolled up the wall with the feet to challenge the core, lengthen the line of the leg, and allow for smooth actions that usually require a Pilates Reformer machine. 


Structured much like a ballet class while standing on rotator discs. Working with the rotation of the discs assists in strengthening a dancer’s rotation and stability, plus allows for practicing and significantly improving turns. External rotators and the supporting leg remain active at all times for overall hip strength.


•    Reach even higher levels of technique

•    Increase their turnout

•    Improve their endurance

•    Jump higher and maintain fluidity of movement while airborne

•    Increase the number of turns they can execute

•    Lengthen and strengthen body lines


•    Discover your center

•    Learn proper alignment

•    Connect to the floor

•    Develop muscle memory


•    Gain an edge going into demanding auditions or jobs

•    Prevent injury

•    Continue to stay fit and healthy at a professional level as you mature


•    Protect you body from injury during demanding teaching schedules

•    Maintain your strength, flexibility, and fitness to keep up with their careers



•    After a lapse or injury, The Hall Method significantly speeds up the process of returning to dance and getting back into shape

•    Maximize results even with limited time to take class


Marlene Hall has over 35 years of dance education experience after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from the University of California, Irvine. She trained in classical ballet with Mr. Anthony Sellars and also went on full scholarship through the Musical Theatre Satellite program at The American Ballet Theatre in NYC with Valerie Taylor (Royal London Ballet), Chet Walker, Nicole Fosse, Honi Coles, Gregory Hines, Gwen Verndon, Buzz Miller, Ann Reinking, Agnes De Mille, Mercedes Ellington and Uta Hagen.


After college Mrs. Hall trained intensively in pilates for 8 years where she was introduced to the theraband and encouraged to explore and be creative. That exploration led to marrying her extensive experience and love for dance with her new interest in pilates by developing Therabarre, the first class in The Hall Method. Featured in Dance Teacher Magazine in 2018, The Hall Method is now medically patented, and backed by world class dance and sports medicine doctors.  Ms. Hall presented The Hall Method at The International Association of Dance and Medicine Sciences Conference in Basel Switzerland, and remains the president, lead teacher, and teacher trainer of The Hall Method.  


Marlene has been responsible for the inception of two performing arts schools and is on faculty at the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCSA) where she has designed and implemented UC approved A-G subject college level curriculum, incorporating The Hall Method. She was also assistant to Salwa Rizkalla (The Festival Ballet Theatre) for 10 years and has over 31 years of teaching/choreography in classical Ballet, Pointe, Pas De Deux, Modern, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theater, in the Orange County Area. 


This robust experience as a program and ensemble leader led Mrs. Hall to establish The Hall Method Ensemble, where students train extensively in The Hall Method, as well as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary. Through the Ensemble she has helped aspiring dancers reach their education and career goals, and rehabilitated professional dancers from injury to be able to return to their careers. 


The Hall Method Ensemble members have received partial to full scholarships ($40,000 to over $500,000) to the Kirov Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Princeton Ballet Society, The Rock School, Kansas City Ballet, Royal London Ballet, Ballet Magnificent, and Broadway Theatre Project. Her students have gone on to attend The Julliard School, The Ailey School at Fordham University, UC Irvine, Cornish University, California Institute of the Arts, Tish NYU, Chapman University, Purchase University, AMDA L.A./NYC, Southern University of Utah, Ohio State university, University of Evansville, Emory University, Pace University, Butler University, University of Southern California, University of California Los Angele, University of The Arts, and Marymount University NYC.


In 2007 The Hall Method Ensemble performed with a symphony orchestra throughout Vienna and the Cezch Republic featuring performances at the Mozarteum, Mirabelle Gardens, Musikvierum Salzburg Cathedral and Spa Podebrady. In 2013 The Hall Method Ensemble performed with the Orpheus Guitar Ensemble at the 29th Annual Youth Musicale Concert held at the Sydney Opera House in Australia where they presented “Pictures at An Exhibition” by Modest Mussorgsky. In 2019 The Hall Method Dance Ensemble performed in “New Year Germany & Prague Concert Tour'' across Germany and The Cezch Republic with the prestigious South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra.

​Mrs. Hall’s  students’ television and film credits include: Walt Disney’s Musical “Geppetto”, NBC’s “So You Think You Can Dance”, Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School of Survival Guide”, WNBA’s Spark Kids, Warner Brothers “Scooby Doo” commercials and industrials. In 2021 Mrs. Hall was privileged to sponsor and assist her private student Danielle Silver as she became the OC Register’s Artist of the Year 2022.


Kai Hazelwood (she/her)  is a transdisciplinary body-based artist, raising the profile of bi+/queer and BIPOC community issues through art projects, education, community events, and writing.


Her training includes 6 years at the San Francisco Ballet School, summer programs at Dance Theater of Harlem and Alvin Ailey, and training at the Kirov Ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After a contract with the Oakland Ballet Company, Kai relocated to Los Angeles to complete her BFA at UCLA.


She left her 4 year post as faculty and then Dance Outreach Coordinator at AMDA College & Conservatory in January 2016 to refocus on her artistic career, beginning with a guest choreographer post with Martz Contemporary Dance Company in Barcelona Spain. Kai then went on to tour with Axis Dance Company before returning to Los Angeles to continue her own choreographic and performing work including choreographing the 2016 bi+ contingent of the LA Pride Parade featuring the cast of Crazy Ex Girlfriend.


Back in LA she signed with Go 2 Talent Agency as a dance artist. She has choreographed and done movement direction for a number of music videos and became the Resident Choreographer for Theatre Dybbuk. In 2017 Kai was selected as an Arts Omi International Arts Center Choreographic Resident, and showed work in the Black Choreographer’s Festival in San Francisco.


In 2018 Kai’s creative collaborative formalized as Good Trouble Makers, and by 2020 GTM has been covered by 21 major media outlets. Kai was a 2018 Los Angeles City Artist in Residence, and was invited to Jacob’s Pillow as part of the National Presenter’s Forum. She was the founding Artistic Director of Downtown Dance & Movement, a state of the art dance facility offering classes, rehearsal, and performance space in Downtown Los Angeles before it closed due to COVID-19. In 2019 Kai was selected as part of the 2019 Dance USA Institute for Leadership cohort and received the Duke Access Award from the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP). 


In 2020 Kai and GTM received an Artistic Impact Award from Invertigo Dance Theatre and received funding from the city of West Hollywood to turn parts of their dance theater piece inVISIBLE into dance films. Kai also co-created Practice Progress with Sarah Ashkin of GROUND SERIES. Practice Progress facilitates embodied anti-racist learning to address and undo white supremacy.


Kai and Good Trouble Makers were the first virtual Artists in Residence for Pieter Performance Space, and in early 2021 led workshops and later premiered an interactive virtual performance called Touch | Screen at The Musco Center in Orange County. Kai is also part of Chapman University’s faculty teaching modern dance technique through an anti-racist lens. Kai is a 2022 Lincoln City Fellow supported by the Speranza Foundation, and currently the Executive Director of Pieter Performance Space. She travels between Los Angeles and Amsterdam NL to continue her work unraveling embodied white supremacy in Dance as an arts research fellow at DAS Graduate School. 

  • Kai Hazelwood Instagram
  • Kai Hazelwood Facebook
  • Kai Hazelwood Twitter

Dr. Kruse holds two board certifications, sports medicine and family medicine, and practices as a Primary Care Sports Medicine specialist. Dr. Kruse’s clinical expertise includes non-operative orthopedics and sports medicine, general musculoskeletal care, sports concussion, general medical needs of the athlete, and musculoskeletal procedures including joint and tissue injections. Dr. Kruse also has special insight into the care of the injured gymnast or dancer.

Dr. Kruse grew up in Florida but followed his personal sports aspirations to the University of California, Berkeley, via a full athletic scholarship for gymnastics. While competing for Berkeley, he was a 3-time captain, 6-time All-American, UC Berkeley Male Student-Athlete of the Year, Pac 10 Medal Recipient, and won an NCAA Team Championship. He continued his gymnastics career after college, competing full-time internationally as a 4-time member of the USA Gymnastics Senior National Team.

After retiring from gymnastics, Dr. Kruse attended medical school at the University of California, San Diego and thereafter completed a residency in family medicine at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. Following residency, Dr. Kruse completed fellowship training in sports medicine at the University of Notre Dame.

Before joining the Orthopaedic Specialty Institute, Dr. Kruse practiced for 4 years at the University of California Irvine as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Family Medicine. He maintains a Volunteer Faculty position with UC Irvine in order to continue his active sports medicine teaching for medical students and residents. Dr. Kruse also serves as a resource for the community and provides many local lectures to various schools and community groups on a wide range of sports medicine topics. He also has multiple peer-reviewed journal and textbook publications on a wide range of sports medicine topics.

Dr. Kruse currently serves as the USA Gymnastics Athlete Care Coordinator and the USA Gymnastics Men’s National Team Physician. He is also a Team Physician for the University of California, Irvine, Biola University, The Orange County Soccer Club, Godinez Fundamental High School, and assists with coverage for Crean Lutheran High School. In addition, Dr. Kruse provides sports concussion consultation and care for Servite High School, Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon College, Corona Del Mar High School, and other local sports programs.

Dr. Kruse is an active member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM), and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Kruse’s outside interests include spending time with his wife Mindi and their two children, Alex and Lyla. He also enjoys yoga, surfing, playing guitar, and catching up on all sports by watching SportsCenter.


Dr. Jeff Russell serves on the Athletic Training faculty at Ohio University and leads a multi-faceted performing arts medicine initiative—known as Science and Health in Artistic Performance, or SHAPe—that he designed for the university’s dance, music, theatre, and marching band programs. Through his work at the SHAPe Clinic and SHAPe Lab, he and his team of healthcare professionals and healthcare students care for 700 performing artists at the university and research a variety of topics related to the health and healthcare of performing artists. As part of this effort, they have pioneered concussion management in all disciplines of performing arts based on evidence translated from the sports concussion literature.  

Dr. Russell has more than 36 years of experience in sports medicine, orthopaedics, and performing arts medicine. He earned his PhD in Dance Medicine and Science from the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, where he used x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging to explore the anatomy and motion of the ankle in female ballet dancers en pointe. His current research encompasses the medical aspects of performing arts, including concussions in theatre and entertainment, music-induced sound exposure, and joint hypermobility in musicians. He also is co-Founder and President of The Kardia Foundation, an international nonprofit organization that has served the healthcare profession since 1997. The primary work of the foundation at present is teaching leadership in healthcare. 


Dr. Russell speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to performing arts medicine, sports medicine, and healthcare leadership. He has published numerous scientific journal articles and book chapters. In 2017 he finished three consecutive two-year terms on the Board of Directors of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, and four years on the STOP Sports Injuries Committee of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine. He is a fellow of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science, and was a Bruning Teaching Fellow at Ohio University during the 2017–18 academic year. 

Dr. Russell and his wife Ruth live in Athens, Ohio, about 10 minutes from the university campus. They have been married for almost 36 years and enjoy cooking, being outdoors, hiking, canoeing, and traveling in America and abroad.


The Hall Method can design single or multi-day workshops to suit the training needs of your population. Get in touch and we’ll work together to identify your goals and create a programs to achieve them.

Pricing is based on the workshop, location and number of students enrolled.


•    Professional dance companies 

•    College programs

•    Training programs and schools

•    Teacher trainings

•    Summer intensives


The ensemble is by invitation or application only. The Hall Method Ensemble is rooted in collaborative and creative community making. Members receive rigorous weekly training in The Hall Method to help dancers transition from pre-professional to professional, and support seasoned dancers in reclaiming their careers after time away or injury; the ensemble includes dancers of all ages.


The ensemble training program also includes modern and contemporary classes designed to help dancers develop their own individual artistry. Members also develop their collaboration skills through choreographic opportunities to create with each other and have their work shared in professional settings. 


  • Professional Performance opportunities:

    •  Music videos

    •  Perform and work with local professional choreographers and companies

    • International touring 


  • Career Development 

    • Portfolio development for company, intensive, and college applications and scholarships

    • Audition preparation 

    • Private instruction to help you achieve your individual short and long term goals


The Hall Method Ensemble has performed in historic venues and concert halls with the prestigious South Coast Youth Symphony Orchestra for their Germany and Czech Republic New Year Concert Tour. They have also performed several times alongside many of Los Angeles’ choreographers in Dance in Progress a showcase of new works by many of LA’s leading companies and choreographers. The Hall Method Ensemble toured to Sydney Australia to perform with the Orpheus Guitar Ensemble at the 29th Annual Youth Musicale, and the 7th World Choral Festival in Salzburg Vienna with the Musiquire Sur le Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra. Currently the Ensemble is continuing with the SCYSO under the Direction of Maestro Lee after finishing a tour to Germany and Prague Jan 2020 and will be traveling to Spain and France December 2023.


The Hall Method Ensemble members have received millions of dollars in scholarships and gone on to many top colleges and universities including: The Juilliard School, UC Irvine, THe AIley School at Fordham University, Cornish University, CalArts, and Chapman University. 


They have attended world renowned intensives, and danced with companies across the world including: The School at Steps on Broadway, Kirov Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, Princeton Ballet Society, The Rock School, Kansas City Ballet, Royal London Ballet, and Broadway Theatre Project. 



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